Brands that we carry

With many refrigeration brands and configurations on the market it can be difficult to select the most suitable product for your boat or RV. DC Fridge have been servicing and repairing fridges and freezers for over a decade. We know which products perform best in the harsh Australian conditions, and which offer the best value for money.

DC Fridge carries Vitrifrigo, U-Line and Isotherm products, that are best suited to our harsh Australian conditions. We also service, repair and install all major brands. Contact us today for any service, repair or installation enquiries or for any general enquiries on what product will be suit your application, and we will be happy to help.

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Did you know?

A remote compressor is a good option when restricted by space as the compressor can be neatly mounted away from the fridge. This type of configuration provides benefits such as:

  • Better ventilation
  • Eliminating the compressor heat from transferring through the fridge.
  • Up to 20 litres more fridge space for the same dimensions as an internal compressor model.

For more information on remote compressors, or for information and advice on the best product to suit your needs contact us today: